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4 Ways to Prevent Makeup from Causing Breakouts
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4 Ways to Prevent Makeup from Causing Breakouts

4th of October 2019

It’s true—sometimes you need the occasional makeup-free day that allows your skin to breathe freely. Just like us, our skin has its good days, when it’s feeling vibrant and hydrated. But there are also some bad days, when it feels dry and textured with breakouts. Aside from the occasional ‘makeup-free Monday’ or ‘fresh-face Friday,’ there are steps you can take to combat breakouts without abandoning your make up routine.

Cleanse and Moisturize Your Face

This is an essential step in the makeup application process and should not be skipped. Cleansing helps you remove dirt, excess dirt and dead cells from the surface of your skin. Piling on a layer of foundation and concealer over a face that hasn’t been properly cleansed makes your skin vulnerable to acne.

If your skin is prone to breakouts, consider using a salicylic acid based cleanser to help remove the oil and dirt from your pores. Washing your face before bed is also essential, especially when you have makeup on. Your skin needs that time to breathe, so be sure to remove all makeup from your face before hitting the sheets at night.

Clean Your Brushes

This is a step that unfortunately many people skip. Makeup brushes and sponges hold on to old makeup, dirt and oil, so when we don’t clean them, this is what we’re putting on our face and rubbing into our pores. Bacteria can also start to form on our brushes when they go unwashed for too long. Jerome recommends washing your brushes at least once a week to ensure you’re skin is protected from bacteria.

Use the Right Foundation

Breakouts may be an indicator that you should stop using your regular foundation. Sure, it may be giving you the coverage you love, but it could also be harming your skin. If you have oily skin, Jerome advises that you stay clear of heavy, illuminating foundations. They also aren’t good for people who are prone to breakouts because they tend to block your pores.

Instead, opt for a light to medium buildable coverage, which will be easier on your skin. Mineral-based foundations like our MagicMinerals AirCushion are best for avoiding breakouts and dry spots because they have that lightweight formula. All of Jerome Alexander’s foundations contain mineral-based ingredients and are free of talc and other irritants. Whether you need a liquid foundation or a powder, there are a variety of buildable formulas available to help your skin thrive, especially in the winter season ahead.

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