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4 Makeup Tips For Women Over 40 and Fabulous!
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4 Makeup Tips For Women Over 40 and Fabulous!

4th of October 2019

You get more and more beautiful as the days go by. We’re not trying to butter you up—it’s true! Getting older doesn’t have to be frightening, whether you’re in your fabulous forties or sexy sixties. With confidence and the right technique, your makeup can brighten and lift your face in all the right areas. We have four tips to help you flaunt your naturally gorgeous features.

Establish a morning and nighttime skincare routine

Makeup starts with skincare—it’s the real foundation for your products. Smooth, moisturized skin helps your makeup look flawless and even more natural. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive. Five to ten minutes in the morning and before bed is all it takes— and your skin deserves it.

Gear up with the right tools

Using quality brushes and sponges is the key to a natural and smooth application. Be sure to use the right brush for the types of products you are applying. For example, the fan brush is perfect for applying your contour, while the kabuki brush is great for working in foundation or applying blush. If you prefer applying your foundation with a sponge, dampening it can give you a light, natural coverage. Just be sure to squeeze out excess water before getting started.

Prime your eyes

Primer is an absolute wonder product; you know we can’t get enough of its benefits. While you’re priming your face, never forget about your lids. Fine lines can cause your eye shadow to easily crease and primer can prevent this. It gives you a smooth surface to work on which makes those tiny lines less noticeable on your lids.

Don’t be afraid of a little highlight

Our favorite benefit of highlighter is that in naturally brightens your face. You don’t have to always go bold when applying highlighter. A soft dewy highlight that’s applied in all the right areas can appear as if your glow is coming from within.

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