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3 Things Your Contour Kit Can Do in Addition to Contouring

3 Things Your Contour Kit Can Do in Addition to Contouring

4th of October 2019

There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching for your eyebrow gel in the morning, to find that there is only enough for one brow. Actually, we can top that! How about when your eyeshadow slips out of your hand and cracks into a million pieces? It’s not a good feeling, but if you have a Jerome Alexander MagicMinerals contour kit on hand, you’re in luck.

Sure, we all love our contour kit for chiseling our cheekbones, and sculpting our jawline and nose, but that’s not all it can do. This wonder kit can come to your rescue when your makeup stash runs low and the stakes are high at your can’t-miss evening event.

Power Brows

If your brows are a top priority, you know the heart-sinking feeling of running low on gel or having to draw with a 1-inch pencil. You no longer have to panic, because your contour palette is here to save the day.

Mix the light and dark shades to create the perfect the match for your brow. Using an angled brow brush, play with the colors and fill-in your brows. And if you have just a little gel in your jar, adding a tiny bit to your brush can help you draw more precise lines.

Dramatized Eyes

Some use eyeshadow as contour right? It’s a thing! Who says you can’t reverse it? If all you have at hand are bright blue and popping pink hues, your contour kit is there to create a romantic nude eye. Your contour shades make it easy to create a subtle ombre effect—just don’t forget that blending is key. Use a hint of the lighter shade on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up.


Fresh Finish

No Finishing Powder? No problem! The good thing about having six nude shades on hand means it’s easier to match your complexion. If you’re all out of translucent powder, use the shade closest to your skin tone as a finishing powder to set your makeup. This will help your makeup stay fresh and last longer throughout the day so you don’t want to skip this step.

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