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This professional-grade set will give you all the tools you need for flawless, precise application of foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blusher, highlighter, lip color, and more! 

In 1976, Jerome Alexander revolutionized the cosmetics industry by introducing makeup brushes to the public. His professional tool sets were sold in department stores around the world.  Now he’s created a contemporary 10 Piece Tool Set with soft yet durable cruelty-free synthetic bristles and luxe electroplated chrome ferrule-style handles in a beautiful faux-leather vegan roll-up case. 

Brush sets of this caliber are often sold for $150 or more, but Jerome believes that makeup doesn't need to be expensive to work.  And the same applies to brushes!  These professional-grade tools will give you flawless, precise application of foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blusher, highlighter, lip color, and more for years to come for only $49!


1. Contour Brush Wide, soft but blunt bristles flawlessly shade and highlight larger features such as the cheeks and jawline. Use vigorous sweeping movements to create the illusion of shadows, soften harsh lines, and seamlessly blend highlighter and contour powders and creams to a perfect finish.

2. Large Powder Brush Large dome-shaped brush easily glides over the angles of the face, neck, shoulders, décolleté, and other contoured areas with relaxed bristles that evenly distribute pressed or loose powders. For best results, tap off excess powder before applying.

3. Small Powder Brush Petite powder brush complements its larger counterpart by smoothing application of pressed and loose powder for a crease-free finish around and under the eyes, nose, and lips. For best results, tap off excess powder before applying.

4. Blusher Brush:  Soft tapered bristles provide smooth stroking motions for full-coverage, even shading of powder or cream blusher and highlighter along the natural contour of the bone structure.  This brush is perfect for creating depth and highlighting cheekbones, jawline, chin, forehead, and nose.

5. Shading Brush Side-tapered design allows for seamless application of shadows and highlighters to the brow bone and around the nose, jawlines, cheeks, and chin. This brush’s smooth, flat sides and flexibility make it the ideal tool for blending color to your desired intensity.

6. Fluff Brush:  Round, loosely-packed bristles create the perfect finishing tool for the eyes and other small features. This contoured tool glides smoothly over the face, dusting powder to set your look without disturbing previously applied shadows.

7. Crease Brush:  A smaller version of the Shading Brush, the Crease Brush gives even more precision blendability for the crease of the eye, eyelid, and under eye areas.

8. Lip Brush Blunt precision tip enables clean, definition lining of lips while the flat smoother surface of this brush provides silky, even application of color to the larger lip area.

9. Fan Brush Multi-length bristles and broad, fan design provides precision application of setting powders to create a soft-focus, lightweight finish. It’s versatile shape makes it perfect for getting natural, smooth coverage when applying highlighters or powder of any kind.

10. Eyebrow/Detail Brush:  Dual-ended tool serves as both an eyebrow brush to groom brows and a detail brush for drawing fine lines.  The eyebrow brush works by first reversing the brows and then brushing them back in their natural direction. To use the detail end, wet the bristles so they come to a point before dipping in eyeliner, eyeshadow, or highlighter to line the eyes; using the detail brush makes it easier to draw lines as thin or as thick as you need to achieve your desired look. 

Additonal: Faux-leather Black Roll-up Case: This beautiful vegan and cruelty-free faux-leather case makes it easy to store your brushes when not in use.  It includes a slot for each brush with a soft cloth covering to protect the bristles. Simply roll it up and tie to keep your brushes clean, dry, and safely stowed when not in use.


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