Jerome Alexander products are unique because they were developed by a makeup artist rather than a product developer. Jerome Alexander pulled from his own experience and vision to create products of true quality, value, and uniqueness. With his namesake brand he aims to provide women solutions to their makeup needs with products that perform.

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Why do we care who sells our products?

Jerome Alexander sells its products only through its Jerome Alexander Authorized Dealer retail store network, and affiliated Jerome Alexander websites.

Jerome Alexander stands behind our products! We want to help you achieve your beauty goals. We strive to provide quality products and exceptional customer service.

To ensure you receive the quality products and service you deserve, we only sell through Authorized retailers whom we believe share our vision of quality and service.

Unfortunately, some of our products are sold by unauthorized retailers and e-tailers. Oftentimes these products are old, stolen, counterfeit or tampered with, and they even cost more! This adversely affects our goodwill and our name in the industry and community, and negatively impacts you, the consumer. That’s why you should only purchase Jerome Alexander products through our Jerome Alexander Authorized Dealer retail store network or at and our affiliated Jerome Alexander websites.

The following are Authorized Jerome Alexander retailers or e-tailers