How To Rock Bold and Bright Eyeshadow At Any Age

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2017 has proven to be the year of the bold eye. It seems as though everywhere you turn there is a Met Gala-inspired bold shadow look, and with good reason. How To Rock Bold and Bright Eyeshadow

While it may be one of the hottest makeup trends at the moment, bold color eyeshadows are always in style! Utilizing bright and bold colors such as pink or red help to make the eyes pop and look bigger and brighter, regardless of skin tone or complexion.

So what are the best ways to pull off this year’s must-have look? We’ve got you covered. Follow along as we help break down the best ways to rock a bold shadow for makeup lovers of any skill set.


 Don’t Be Afraid To Mix

 While many may be hesitant to mix bold colors, the two hottest shadow colors at the moment (pink and red) actually complement each other quite well.

Before you begin, we recommend using a shadow primer before applying any bright colors to create a neutral base on the skin, as well as act as a buffer to keep pigment on the skin all day long.



Light Mascara Is The Way

Believe it or not, lighter mascara is the way to go when using brighter pigments, especially when it comes to eyeshadow.

If you can manage, try to opt out of using mascara altogether when using bright and bold colors, as this will help the eyeshadow to stand out.



 When In Doubt, Less Is More

Similarly to the mascara tip above, you don’t want to drown out the colors you are using on the eyes, so be sure to use less makeup altogether to give your shadow the opportunity to truly shine.

One great way to make bold shadow colors stand out is to use a nude lip. When paired correctly with the right foundation shade, this will help to give the skin a blurred yet smooth effect, while still giving bright pigments a chance to shine.



Mind The Finish

Bright pigments do a great job at brightening the eyes and face, but be sure to find a finish that works best for your complexion and the look you are trying to achieve.

Matte shadows tend to do best when using bold colors, as they are the easiest to pull off without attracting too much attention to the eye area.


Finally, as always, just remember to have fun with your makeup and always be true to yourself. One of the best things about makeup is there are no rules, so be comfortable in your own skin and have fun while experimenting with new trends.

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