Flawless and Fabulous

Jerome Alexander’s brilliant makeup artistry and techniques are foundational to artists the world over. Learn how to create a flawless finish with simple techniques to keep the spotlight on you all day and all night.


Be the Center of Attention with Bold Eyes for Days

Bold eyes can make an equally bold impact! They can easily make the most of your eyes so here are some top tips for mastering bold eyes!

STEP ONE: Start by lining your lower lid. Use a kohl pencil below the platform of the lower lid.

STEP TWO: Line the entire lower lid area no matter if your eyes are closely, evenly, or widely spaced.

STEP THREE: Start by picking three shades (light, medium, and dark) in the same color family that compliment each other. Use these colors starting from the inside of your eye, moving outwards. Light first, medium in the middle and dark in the outer “v”.

STEP FOUR: Blend, blend, and blend!!

STEP FIVE: Complement bold eyes with lots of mascara.


For that Bronzed Goddess Glow from Within

Whether you’re really basking in the sun or enjoying the indoors. Fake it till you make it with the perfect-bronzed goddess makeup look!

STEP ONE: Start with a flawless base by blending foundation into your skin.


  • Create a soft brow look by brushing through your eyebrows and applying with light strokes on the outside of the brows.
  • Choose a platinum or gold cream shimmer eye shadow, which gives a soft, skin-like finish. Applying using an eye shadow brush.
  • Apply the same gold shadow with your shading brush on the inner corner of your eye.
  • Use the platinum as a highlighter under the eyebrows and on top of the cheeks.
  • Using a curling mascara, apply on your upper and lower lashes.

STEP THREE: Apply bronzer for a realistic sun-kissed glow using our Bronzer tips on the How-To page.

STEP FOUR: Apply golden shimmer on the top of your cheekbones and down the center of your nose. Finish with a natural gloss!


The Perfect Look for Every Day

Create a classic everyday look perfect for the office, school or just going out with friends!