Lighten, Darken, Contour, Blend

Brush:  To apply eyeshadow use the small eye shadow brush on the top eyelid and use the large eyeshadow brush on the brow bone area.


Wipe the eye shadow brush clean between colors so you do not muddy the colors.

Envision the eyelid in three parts, and apply eyeshadow depending on your eye shape. For all eyes, the center of the eyelid gets a very light highlight eyeshadow shade. One the last third of the eyelid, choose a darker eyeshadow shade. Feel along the last third of the eyelid toward the end of the brow bone. Using an eyeshadow brush, follow that line until the end of the socket. Then going back to the right above the lashes, make a “V”. Fill in the “V” area with the dark color. With the large eyeshadow brush, evenly blend the three colors together to achieve the effect of one, undefined color.


CLOSE-SET EYES:  Choose a light-colored eye shadow for the first one third of the eyelid, closest to the nose, to create an illusion of the eyes being further apart.

WIDE-SET EYES:  For the first third of the eyelid, select a dark eye shadow to make eyes appear closer together.

EVENLY SPACED EYES:  You have the option of using a dark or light shadow on the first third of the eyelid.