Top 7 Reasons To Switch To Mineral Makeup

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As our skin matures, so should our makeup collection. Mineral makeup has long been makeup artists secret weapon for combating the signs of aging while boosting skin radiance for a healthy glow.  It’s time to give your skin the attention … Continued

Top Tips To Avoid Cakey Looking Foundation For Any Skin Complexion

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Drop that powder foundation!  Nothing can ruin a perfectly executed makeup look more than cakey and powdery looking foundation or setting powder. Most, if not all us, rely on foundation or setting powder to keep our skin shine free while … Continued

Top Five Beauty Questions Answered: Back To The Basics

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We get it. When it comes to makeup and daily beauty routines, there are a lot of questions women have that go unanswered.  Internationally recognized makeup artist Jerome Alexander has based his entire career on the education of women around … Continued

Youthful Complexion In Just A Few Steps

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We get it. Aging is tough. From age spots to ever-growing facial lines, our bodies go through many changes as the years go by, and it will often show on the face. Fortunately, advancements in makeup and skin care have … Continued

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