Ready, Set, GO: Makeup Tips For Getting Ready Under 10 Minutes

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We’ve all been there. You’re alarm mysteriously never rings, you have twenty minutes to be out the front door, and the coffee you just poured into your favorite mug just landed on your white blouse.

How will you ever find the time to put on enough makeup to make yourself presentable for work after your morning struggle? Ready, Set, GO: Makeup Tips For Getting Ready Under 10 Minutes

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation for a stress-free morning the next time you find yourself running a few minutes behind.

Skip The Liner, Not The Look

 Every girl knows liner is one of her best friends, so thankfully you won’t have to go without the look when you are pressed for time.

Cut your eye application time in half by wiggling your mascara into the lash line. Use a smudge free mascara to avoid the mess and voila!

Your eyes will thank you later.

Ready, Set, GO: Makeup Tips For Getting Ready Under 10 Minutes

Cover Only What’s Needed

While we may feel more comfortable behind a full face of foundation, you’d be surprised how well your skin will look with less coverage and just the right amount of concealer in the right places.

When running behind, skip the foundation, grab your favorite concealer, and simply apply in problem areas to avoid blemishes and dark circles. Your skin will look bright and refreshed without having to put in all the extra work and most importantly will save you precious time.

Lip Balm To The Rescue

 Skip the bold lip colors and go for a skin nourishing clear lip balm for a hydrated look that doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

As an added bonus, clear lip balms can be used as a highlighter while on the go for an instant complexion lift.

Although life can throw you many curve balls, there is nothing that a little makeup can’t fix!

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