Makeup Artist & Beauty Authority


Jerome Alexander is an international beauty authority, a celebrated make-up artist who has become a legend in the beauty trade as a name that is synonymous with innovation, trends and education. As an innovator and creator of the latest trends in beauty fashion, Jerome sees his greatest contribution to the industry as his dedication to a lifetime of teaching women how to look even more beautiful than they naturally are. His role as a beauty educator began early in his career when he started selling beauty products to put himself through school. Departing from the traditional salesman tactic of simply pitching products, Jerome demonstrated to his clients which products to buy and more importantly, how to use them. Jerome’s first cosmetic lessons were received with so much enthusiasm leading him to a realization-women simply wanted to learn how to properly apply cosmetics. Realizing this, Jerome helped women with instructional step-by-step and easily to duplicate looks through his lessons. Jerome’s incredible journey in the beauty business has spanned almost five decades. Today, hundreds of Jerome Alexander branded beauty products, representing all aspects of the beauty business are being manufactured, sold wholesale and at retail, licensed, marketed and distributed worldwide.


Cosmetics Innovator

Jerome Alexander is proudly celebrating over 40 years of beauty products bearing his name. In 1976, makeup artist Jerome Alexander returned to the cosmetic world as an entrepreneur with a company bearing his own name and a concept that revolutionized the way women applied their makeup. Jerome introduced a full retail line of professional makeup tools that were available exclusively to professional makeup artists: brushes, applicators and sponges. Jerome was considerably ahead of his time, bringing to women everywhere professional makeup and tools that are now the hottest segment of the cosmetic industry! Carrying on Jerome’s tradition of being an educator for women, every Jerome Alexander professional brush kit included a detailed booklet of instructions for optimal results. Today, every major cosmetic company includes a line of cosmetic brushes in their product line-up, an implicit acknowledgement of Jerome Alexander’s foresight. The professional brushes were quickly followed by another innovative concept: coordinating cosmetics in makeup kits, an idea that has since become an industry standard. Beauty media worldwide dubbed Jerome Alexander as “The Man Behind the Makeup”.


Televison Appearances

Always in demand for his seminars, Jerome Alexander has continued to make thousands of personal appearances over the years ranging from department stores to large halls and stadiums filled with thousands of professional cosmetologists. Regular appearances on national and local television talk shows brought Jerome’s approach to beauty into the homes of women across the country and around the world. Jerome Alexander has been the beauty expert for national TV shows including “The Mike Douglas Show”, “The John Davidson Show”, “Hour Magazine”, “Attitudes”, and “Live, with Regis and Kathy Lee”. In 1988, Jerome’s own show, “The Makeover with Jerome Alexander” was syndicated nationwide on the USA Network.

Jerome began appearing on Live Shopping TV channels in the USA and Europe where he continues to sell to this day. Here he truly found his niche and began developing unique and different products that offered tremendous quality and value to the consumer. Jerome became an overnight success by combining his knowledge of the product, his salesmanship skills and his ability to properly demonstrate and educate the customer about the makeup he was selling. Jerome Alexander still holds some of the top per hour sales records in the cosmetics category on a number of different channels throughout the world.